Mango airlines


Airline Mango became the third and final budget airline, which entered the market in South Africa. Like all other airlines in the country, the headquarters is located at the international airport Ohanesburg (OR Tambo). The first airline to launch a SA with the budget structure was Kulula, and she was very successful quickly took market share from SAA. Thus, SAA decided to strike at the defense and launch its own low-cost airline. Initially, she had terrible name TULCA (lowest cost airline), but has since called Mango Airlines.

As reported, the airline Mango, SAA-owned, and thus get the money of taxpayers, put them at an unfair advantage, as they can reduce the price further than other airlines. Other low cost airlines, namely Kulula and 1Time, Mango reported on (and on & # 39; SAA unity), but nothing has been done. Manga airlines fly in and out of Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban and Blumfonteyn. It is not as widespread as other airlines. One thing that they could think about was the domain name registration, as it relates Manufacturers Association of mango in South Africa. The domain name they have now –, which not only confuses people, but has not – this southern African nation ltd.

Although there is such a bad press about airways Manga and their relation to Saha. In contrast to the parent airline, they actually brought a profit, and they say that they now operate as a fully autonomous company. This all means that the South Africans have more choices in the market, and it keeps other airlines on the feet to ensure that prices remain competitive.