Why would I want to sell your miles?


This is one of those issues that we often asked ourselves. You never heard of a friend who sold their miles? I mean, that can get a person selling airline. Well, the answer is: you could get a lot. Believe us when we say that all the people who rage then, do not make mistakes. This is the only thing that can give you money (depending on how often you travel and how many miles you have one). So if you are looking for reasons to get started, we have a collection of all the reasons why you should selling airline miles starting today.

1. This will give you the money

This is the most important and probably the main stimulus that people have in mind when it comes to airlines. They can help you make money, even if you are sitting in your favorite home on the couch, sipping coke bank. Moreover, that this is the right market, which can help you get a higher price for your miles. Thus, you not only earn money but also a lot of money will earn.

2. If you are not using it, allow someone else to use

Not necessarily to sell them. You can simply lend them to your friends or family & # 39; and. They could use these miles to get an update on their tickets. The main use of tickets – get discounts on tickets or get free upgrades (for example, go to the ticket in economy class to first class business, depending on how many miles you are willing to spend.) So, if you live outside of Utah, the trade buying selling miles is absolutely legitimate. Utah – the only US state that is clearly illegal to sell or buy a third user kilometers.

3. How can I sell your miles

Well, the answer is very simple. Currently you can find many online sellers who are willing to buy your miles. All you need to do is register with them and say the number of miles you are willing to sell, and the airline program to which belong those miles. The provider will tell you the amount he is willing to pay. If you like it, you can continue to transmit. If you do not like the price, which he called the supplier, do not worry. There are many other people who are willing to pay you for your valuable miles.